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Leverage AI with your custom made ChatGPT Chatbot

The #1 systemic agency in chatbot creation powered by OpenAI. We implement AI in your company based on ChatGPT and enriched with your own data. 🎯

from €97/month

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Discover the Power of your Future Custom Artificial Intelligence

With your customized chatbot, qualify your leads, develop your sales and easily deliver your value.

Bring your databases to life

Website, Notion, url, pdf, docx, csv, xls… We train your Crocobot on your data, whatever the format, so that it knows your business better than your own Operations Manager.

Put AI to work across your entire value chain

Whether it’s to guide your site visitors, qualify your leads, develop your sales, streamline your customer support, help your internal team or improve your processes, we can build a custom bot for your business.

True conversational "intelligence"

Far from linear bots, our Chatbots analyze the context of each message, as well as the entire discussion, to provide the most accurate and human response possible.

A personality in its own right

The advantage of a customized ChatGPT chatbot is that we can make it say whatever you want.

This unique feature enables our agency to offer you a chatbot adapted to your language style, with the right words and tone.

So we can turn a generic AI system into a real business executive, a CEO, a success manager, or even Donald Trump.

From local to international in just a few clicks

Whether you’re a company looking to share your message on a global scale, or a solopreneur collaborating with freelancers abroad, our solution enables you to cross language barriers and communicate with a variety of audiences around the world.

A Crocobot for every need

With your customized chatbot, qualify your leads, develop your sales and easily deliver your value.

Looking for a made-to-measure Crocobot?

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from €97/month

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We develop high-performance AI for your company from A to Z using a proven, simple and effective process.

Step #1

1. Book your free audit

As each of our ChatGPT chatbots is tailor-made, the first step is to identify your needs and analyze what can be automated in your company.

It’s also during this audit that you can learn more about how AI works and its concrete applications.

Step #2

2. Choose the right type of bot for your needs

Based on the data collected during the preliminary audit, we will identify several high value-added strategies (high ROI).

All you have to do is choose one of these strategies and we’ll start working on your customized bot.

Step #3

3. We configure & install your Bot

You’ll have access to a space where you can provide us with the various documents, URLs & other data sources to feed your AI.

We then take care of creating, configuring and implementing the Bot.

Monthly follow-up

Bonus: Benefit from strategic monitoring and monthly Bot enhancements

By subscribing to our Starter or Growth packages, you give yourself the opportunity to develop your artificial intelligence over time. That’s why we’ve included :

  • 2 hours of monthly chatbot maintenance. This includes adding new documents and URLs, training the chatbot on specific topics and improving its responses.
  • 1 quarterly strategy session with one of our project managers to see how you can improve your digital strategy and make the most of your new AI(s)