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Over 100+ innovative companies are using AI… and you?

Create a lead magnet with the “wow effect”, improve your internal processes, reduce your customer support costs, win numerous high-quality backlinks… There are as many success stories as there are companies using tailor-made AI chatbots.

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With your customized chatbot, qualify your leads, develop your sales and easily deliver your value.


With Braintube.ai, Olivier Juprelle of Stratégie Vidéo wanted to create an innovative “Lead Magnet”.

Users simply need to register with their Google account to access the tool for generating YouTube video scripts on demand:

  • A powerful lead magnet
  • An opportunity to monetize later


TaxGPT is a ChatGPT Chatbot that acts as a tax expert in the United Arab Emirates.

Powered by government data, this bespoke chatbot accurately answers tax questions while encouraging users to book an appointment with the Virtuzone team to set up their company:

  • An impressive tool that has helped virtuzone gain numerous backlinks.
  • A way of improving customer support agents who can use TaxGPT to respond much more quickly to customers
  • Proof of Virtuzone's avant-garde character
  • An opportunity to turn visitors into prospects


With the creation of a database comprising 148,191 articles of law, LegiGPT aims to help French people obtain information and better understand French law.

  • A way to contribute to the community
  • In-house help to complement legal assistants
  • A monetization opportunity thanks to a subscription system
  • An opportunity to convert visitors into leads by referring them to a specialized lawyer